Epassafe: Password Manager Device built on Android.

Epassafe (C) 2013 is a fork of Universal Password Manager (UPM) with the development geared to making this a stand-alone application on an Android Device.

UPM - Epassafe differs from Universal Password Manager in several ways. It has been stripped down to the most basic usage, that of encrypting your passwords and allowing backups to be made to external device i.e. sdcard. Also, this program fork has been designed to be the sole application to run aside from the most basic android specific applications. (Just a suggestion, not a requirement.)

For example, Epassafe replaces the default Launcher. I believe there is a niche market for requiring this kind of device.

Apart from how Epassafe differs from Universal Password Manager, the aim is to use it on a modified Android OS or special Rom to make the device sole purpose for keeping passwords safe, like a notebook but in electronic form.

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